Blu Hotels Forest

Blu Hotels, In collaboration with Treedom, to celebrate its first 30 years of activity, chooses to create a forest and to donate to its employees a tree, testimony of its commitment to an increasingly sustainable environment.



30 years is an important milestone in a journey that has seen us growing together, while preserving the values and principles of a family.

We have thought a lot about how to make this anniversary special, and we have chosen, as always, to invest in the future, ours and our planet, and we have decided to create a forest in collaboration with Treedom!

It is a small contribution to a great goal, to make our planet a little greener and to focus on one of the values at the base of our corporate philosophy, who has always wanted to combine the pleasure of a holiday with the respect and preservation of the environment that surrounds us.

It is a simple gesture, but of great impact. Furthermore, it benefits the environment and people.